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The Roman state existed in practice for XIII centuries, being the power which was impacting the history. Therefore, I decided that I would tell the history of ancient Rome in the articles below, which will not necessarily cover only the Eternal City.

I encourage you to send articles and point out any corrections or inaccuracies.

World according to ancients

In ancient times, the inhabitants of a given country (city) considered their land to be the centre of the world, having the form of a flat disk. Moreover, according to them, the ends of the world were inhabited by mysterious beings and barbarians who were a threat to the civilized world.

A print showing a man with one leg

Holidays and tourism in ancient Rome

Ancient Romans, just like us, were doing a lot of recreation every spring and summer. The richest started peregrinatio in spring, that is trips to their homes outside the city. Cicero e.g. he had six villas where he could go to relax, if he had time, felt like it or felt tired of the big city living in Rome.

Appia Antica Regional Park

“Gladiator” – what is true and what is fiction?

General Maximus is the main character of the historical drama “Gladiator” (2000) – which is thought to be one of the best films ever made. The question that every viewer ask is to what extent the plot is consistent with the historical truth. I will try to answer this question.

Russel Crowe as General Maximus in the movie Gladiator

Wolf. Animal of ancient Rome

The Wolf was an animal of great cult status and was well established in the memory of the ancient Romans. It often influenced the history of Rome, was a respected animal, associated with religious rites, and his motif was often used by Roman writers.

The wolf founding Romulus and Remus

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