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Articles (Quiz)

The Roman state existed in practice for XIII centuries, being the power which was impacting the history. Therefore, I decided that I would tell the history of ancient Rome in the articles below, which will not necessarily cover only the Eternal City.

I encourage you to send articles and point out any corrections or inaccuracies.

How well do you know stories and events from Roman sources? [QUIZ]

If there were no preserved Roman sources, our knowledge of ancient Rome would not be so complete. Some of the stories seem to be fantasy, others reflect the seriousness of events and present facts unknown to us. Check how much you know about the events from the Roman world described by ancient writers.

Bust of an older man – the so-called patrician Torlonia. Considered to be a likeness of Cato the Elder

How much do you know about Roman emperors? [QUIZ]

The history of ancient Rome is over 1000 years of continuity of a state organism that had its beginnings as a small settlement in central Italy, on the Tiber. However, what is usually most interesting is the time of the reign of the Roman emperors, which are associated with numerous events and, above all, scandals. Check how much you know about Roman emperors!


How much do you know about Roman legions? [QUIZ]

To this day, the Roman legions are considered one of the best armies in the history of mankind. Disciplined, brave and deadly effective Roman troops were able to defeat many times a much more numerous enemy. Check how much you know about the legions of Rome!

Republic period legionary | Photo credit: Joseph Qiu

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