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Biographies of Romans

In the history of ancient Rome, appeared many famous figures. Many of them have been remembered as cruel tyrants, eg. Caligula, Nero or Caracalla. Others, on the other hand, became famous as great reformers: Augustus, Claudius, Marcus Aurelius, Diocletian, and Constantine the Great. Also, do not forget about the Roman commanders, who often rescued the Roman state from extermination.

The great creators of Roman culture who also significantly influenced the further development of the world were also remembered. I will present people who have become famous for their great deeds.

Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus

(29 September 106 - 28 September 48 BCE)

Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus ("the Great") was born on 29 September 106 BCE as Gnaeus Pompeius. He received his nickname Magnus from his contemporaries because of his great political and military successes and his services to Rome. Roman commander and politician; son of Gnaeus Pompeius Strabo.

Gnaeus Pompey the Great

Lucius Sergius Catilina

(108 - 62 BCE)

Lucius Sergius Catilina was born in 108 BCE. He was a Roman senator in the 1st century BCE who went down in history as the initiator of a conspiracy called the Conspiracy of Catilina. This plot was intended to overthrow the republic and the aristocratic Senate. However, he was prevented as a last resort by the famous speaker and politician Cicero.

Silhouette of a depressed and worried Catilina in the painting Cicero exposing Catilina by Cesare Maccari

Marcus Licinius Crassus

(114 - 53 BCE)

Marcus Licinius Crassus was a Roman politician and commander, a member of the first triumvirate. Known for his proverbial wealth, considered the richest Roman in history.

Marcus Licinius Crassus

Marcus Terentius Varro

(116 - 27 BCE)

Marcus Terentius Varro was a Roman scholar and writer. A true erudite, considered one of the best educated people in the history of ancient Rome.


Lucius Licinius Lucullus

(117 - 56 BCE)

Lucius Licinius Lucullus was a Roman commander and politician. Sulla's supporter, famous for his victories in the war with the ruler of Pontus, Mithridates VI Eupator.

Lucullus came from a distinguished plebeian family

Lucius Cornelius Sulla

(138 - 78 BCE)

Lucius Cornelius Sulla was a Roman commander and politician - the optimist. In 82 BCE Sulla was given dictatorial power. In the following years, he carried out a number of political reforms.

Bust of Lucius Cornelius Sulla without nose

Gaius Marius

(157/6 - 13 January 86 BCE)

Gaius Marius was a great Roman general and seven times elected consul. He became famous for defeating the Teutons and Cimbri and carrying out the reform of the Roman army.

Gaius Marius

Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus

(162 - 133 BCE)

Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus was a Roman politician and people's tribune, who in 133 BCE undertook significant reforms for the benefit of the Roman Republic. After his death, Gaius continued his brother's ambitious plans.

Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus

Publius Terence Afer

(c. 185/4 – 159 BCE)

Publius Terence Afer was a Roman comedy writer whose work was popular not only in ancient Rome but also in the Middle Ages and later. Terence used elegant Latin, and in his works, he focused primarily on man, his personality and reactions to entanglement in everyday and unusual problems.


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