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Biographies of Romans

In the history of ancient Rome, appeared many famous figures. Many of them have been remembered as cruel tyrants, eg. Caligula, Nero or Caracalla. Others, on the other hand, became famous as great reformers: Augustus, Claudius, Marcus Aurelius, Diocletian, and Constantine the Great. Also, do not forget about the Roman commanders, who often rescued the Roman state from extermination.

The great creators of Roman culture who also significantly influenced the further development of the world were also remembered. I will present people who have become famous for their great deeds.

Appius Claudius Caecus

(c. 340 - 273 BCE)

Roman patrician and politician from the turn of the 4th and 3rd century BCE. He was the builder of the first aqueduct, the Aqua Appia (312 BCE) and the first beaten road, Via Appia.

Appius Claudius Caecus in the Roman Curia

Marcus Manlius Capitolinus

(? - 384 BCE)

Marcus Manlius Capitolinus was the hero of Rome's defense against the Gauls in 390 BCE. Moreover, ancient writers describe him as a protector of plebeians.

Marcus Manlius Capitolinus

Marcus Furius Camillus

(c. 446 – 364 BCE)

Marcus Furius Camillus was a Roman commander and reformer. His successes on the battlefield resulted in giving him the nickname - "the second founder of Rome".

Marcus Furius Camillus

Spurius Cassius Vecellinus

(? - 485 BCE)

Spurius Cassius Vecellinus is the first person of the oldest period of the Roman Republic, the existence of which is certified in sources.



(5th - 4th century BCE)

Makrobiusz był to rzymski pisarz i filozof neoplatoński, żyjący i tworzący na przełomie IV i V wieku n.e.


Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus

(519 - 430 BCE)

Lucius Quincius Cincinnatus was a Roman consul and dictator from the mid-5th century BCE. Cincinnatus has been invoked many times as a model of civic virtue.

Statue of Lucius Quincius Cincinnatus in Paris

Tarquinius the Proud

(6th century - 496 BCE)

Tarquinius the Proud was, according to the accepted tradition, the seventh and last Roman king. His tyrannical rule eventually overthrew the monarchy.

Tarquinius the Proud

Tarquinius the Elder

(? - 578 BCE)

Tarquinius the Elder was the fifth king of Rome. He reigned in the years 617-578 BCE According to Livy, he was of Etruscan origin.

Tarquinius the Elder

Servius Tullius

(? - 534 BCE)

Servius Tullius was the sixth king of Rome according to Roman tradition. He was the successor of Tarquinius the Elder and ruled from 578-534 BCE. He was of Etruscan origins, like his predecessor. His daughter Tullia the Elder was the wife of Tarquinius the Proud, the last king of Rome.

Servius Tullius

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