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Biographies of Romans

In the history of ancient Rome, appeared many famous figures. Many of them have been remembered as cruel tyrants, eg. Caligula, Nero or Caracalla. Others, on the other hand, became famous as great reformers: Augustus, Claudius, Marcus Aurelius, Diocletian, and Constantine the Great. Also, do not forget about the Roman commanders, who often rescued the Roman state from extermination.

The great creators of Roman culture who also significantly influenced the further development of the world were also remembered. I will present people who have become famous for their great deeds.


(c. 238 - c. 148 BCE)

Masinissa was the first king of the Numidians (202-148 BCE). His state included the present territories of eastern Algeria and western Tunisia.



(15 October 70 - 21 September 19 BCE)

Virgil was an outstanding Roman poet, the greatest epic of his time. Author of Aeneid - the national epic of ancient Romans.



(16 BCE - 21 CE)

Arminius was the son of the chief of the Germanic Cherusci tribe. Although he was raised as a Roman, he rebelled against his tutors over time and dealt them with one of the greatest failures in the history of the Roman Empire.

The likeness of Arminius


(328 – 9 August 378 CE)

Valens was born in 328 CE. He was a Roman emperor in the years 364 - 378 CE. He died in the Battle of Adrianople.

Flavius ​​Honorius or Valens

Marcus Manlius Capitolineus

(? - 384 BCE)

Marcus Manlius Capitolineus was the hero of Rome's defense against the Gauls in 390 BCE. Moreover, ancient writers describe him as a protector of plebeians.

Marcus Manlius Capitolineus

Servius Tullius

(? - 534 BCE)

Servius Tullius was the sixth king of Rome according to Roman tradition. He was the successor of Tarquinius the Elder and ruled in the years 578-534 BCE.

Servius Tullius

Favorinus of Arelate

(c. 80 - 160 CE)

Favorinus of Arelate (today Arles in the south of France) lived in the years around 80-160 CE and was a famous sophist and philosopher. Although he was Gaul, he mastered Greek to perfection, which made him an acknowledged and admired orator.


Publius Ventidius Bassus

(1st century BCE)

Publius Ventidius Bassus was a Roman general and one of Julius Caesar's charges. He won crucial victories against the Parthians that resulted in the death of key leaders.

Publius Ventidius Bassus

Tullus Hostilius

(? - 642 BCE)

Tullus Hostilius was the third king of Rome. He reigned in the years 673-642 BCE. Tullus was a belligerent ruler.

Tullus Hostilius

Flavius Eugenius

(c. 350 - 6 September 394 CE)

Emperor Flavius Eugenius ruled in the years 392–394 CE in the western part of the Roman Empire. Theodosius I ruled in the east.

Coin of Flavius Eugenius

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