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Biographies of Romans (Politicians and generals)

In the history of ancient Rome, appeared many famous figures. Many of them have been remembered as cruel tyrants, eg. Caligula, Nero or Caracalla. Others, on the other hand, became famous as great reformers: Augustus, Claudius, Marcus Aurelius, Diocletian, and Constantine the Great. Also, do not forget about the Roman commanders, who often rescued the Roman state from extermination.

The great creators of Roman culture who also significantly influenced the further development of the world were also remembered. I will present people who have become famous for their great deeds.

Marcus Manlius Capitolinus

(? - 384 BCE)

Marcus Manlius Capitolinus was the hero of Rome's defense against the Gauls in 390 BCE. Moreover, ancient writers describe him as a protector of plebeians.

Marcus Manlius Capitolinus

Publius Ventidius Bassus

(1st century BCE)

Publius Ventidius Bassus was a Roman general and one of Julius Caesar's charges. He won crucial victories against the Parthians that resulted in the death of key leaders.

Publius Ventidius Bassus

Cato the Elder

(234 - 149 BCE)

Cato the Elder was a Roman orator, politician, and writer. Propagator of strict Roman customs and virtues. Supporter of the destruction of Carthage.

Bust of an older man – the so-called patrician Torlonia. Considered to be a likeness of Cato the Elder

Gnaeus Domitius Corbulo

(c. 7 - 67 CE)

Gnaeus Domitius Corbulo was a Roman commander. He was famous for his victories in Lower Germany and the conflict between Rome and the Party over Armenia.

Gnaeus Domitius Corbulo

Ceionius Commodus

(13 January 101 - 13 January 138 CE)

Ceionius Commodus was adopted by Hadrian and appointed his heir to the throne of Rome. The emperor's plans were destroyed by the unexpected death of Commodus.

Ceionius Commodus

Aulus Plautius

(? - after 57 CE)

Aulus Plautius earned his reputation as a legion commander during the conquest of Britain in 43 CE, during the reign of Emperor Claudius.


Drusus the Elder

(14 Janaury 38 - 9 BCE)

Drusus the Elder was one of the most prominent Romans of the 1st century BCE. He had tremendous military talent which allowed him to wage victorious campaigns in Germany.

Drusus the Elder

Appius Claudius Caecus

(c. 340 - 273 BCE)

Roman patrician and politician from the turn of the 4th and 3rd century BCE. He was the builder of the first aqueduct, the Aqua Appia (312 BCE) and the first beaten road, Via Appia.

Appius Claudius Caecus in the Roman Curia

Publius Quintilius Varus

(c. 46 BCE - September 9 CE)

Publius Quintilius Varus was a Roman politician and commander during the reign of Octavian Augustus. He commanded 3 legions destroyed in the Teutoburg Forest.

Defeated Varus

Flavius Aetius

(c. 390 - 21 or 22 September 454 CE)

Flavius Aetius was, together with i.e. Flavius Stilicho, the last great commander of ancient Rome. Called "the last of the Romans", he successfully defended the Western Roman Empire against barbarians and decay.

Flavius Aetius

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