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Ancestors of Romans were descended from Aeneas

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Federico Barocci, Aeneas Fleeing from Troy
Federico Barocci, Aeneas Fleeing from Troy

According to Roman legend, the ancestors of the Romans descended from refugees (including Aeneas) from burning Troy who settled and built cities in Latium.

In Greek and Roman mythology, the hero of the Trojan War. He was considered the son of King Anchizes and the goddess Venus. He was a descendant of Dardanos, and therefore of the god Zeus. Aeneas was one of the few people to avoid the slaughter in Troy and, next to Hector, one of the bravest defenders. That night, when the Greeks insidiously, with the help of a wooden horse, invaded Troy and began the bloody slaughter, Aeneas, son of Venus and Anchizes, had an ominous dream. Hektor stood in front of him and ordered him to flee.

After years of wandering, Aeneas came to Italy, wherein time he became the ruler of the Latin tribe. The son of his first marriage, Ascanius, named Julus, took over the reign. His stepmother, morbidly jealous of all previous relationships with Aeneas, had no respect for Ascanius. She tried to make his life difficult in every way possible. Amata saw his life so much that he decided to leave the city at the head of the rebellious youth. Wandering along the Tiber, they founded the city of Alba Longa, the cradle of Rome. According to legend, the famous Julian House, represented by patricians and eminent citizens Rome, incl. Julius Caesar and Octavian Augustus.

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