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Constantine – good as Christian?

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Emperor Constantine I
Emperor Constantine I

Constantine the Great, as he was officially the first Christian emperor, is seen today as a good ruler. It should be emphasized, however, that he had many lives on his conscience.

In Constantine’s biography, you can find the murders of members of the immediate family of the emperor. This is an extremely interesting list and would not be ashamed of Tiberius or Caligula: Maximian – father-in-law, Maxentius – wife’s brother, Licinius – sister’s husband, Crispus – son, Fausta – wife.

It is not entirely clear why the emperor decided to kill his wife, but he chose an “interesting” death for her: Fausta was locked in a bathhouse and, constantly raising the temperature, she was boiled alive. The emperor ordered her name to be erased from all records – the so-called damnatio memoriae.

If we add that the murderer was the first Christian emperor of Rome, recognized by the Orthodox Church as a saint, this fact is even more impressive.

  • Aleksander Krawczuk, Poczet cesarzy rzymskich
  • Aleksander Krawczuk, Poczet cesarzowych Rzymu

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