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Death of Saturninus

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Saturninus' coin
Saturninus' coin | Photo: Classical Numismatic Group, Inc.

Lucius Appuleius Saturninus was a well-known supporter of Gaius Marius and the tribune of the people in 100 BCE. In the same year, he began to apply for re-election and his associate and friend who at that time was the praetor and applied for the consul’s election.

Populares murdered Gaius Memmius who had greater chances than Glaucia. This caused indignation in Rome. The Senate recognized Glaucia and Saturninus who helped in the murder of public enemies. Marius turned against them. Saturninus and Glaucia barricaded themselves with the faithful people on Capitol Hill. However, the Senate forced them to surrender by cutting off water.

The prisoners were guaranteed safety and placed in the Curia. However, a group of senators came to the roof and killed them by dropping tiles on their heads. He escaped only Glaucia, who was soon captured and murdered. In 63 BCE Gaius Rabirius was accused of being involved in the crime.

Author: Kacper Walczak
  • Cicero, Pro Rabirio
  • Robert Harris, Spisek
  • Plutarch, Marius

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