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Decency according to Valerius Maximus

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Death of Aemilius Paulus, John Trumbull
Death of Aemilius Paulus, John Trumbull

In the work Factorum et dictorum memorabilium libri novem by Valerius Maximus, we can see the characters and behaviours that the author distinguished in the context of decency and dignified life.

An example is Pompey the Great, who, after defeating on Pharsalus in 48 BCE, said to the people of Larissa who greet him, that instead of him, they go to Caesar and do their duty to the winner.

Valerius Maximus also mentions a young resident of Etruria – Spurinna – who was so beautiful that many women were interested in him. Thus, Spurinna was often suspected of any infidelity of his daughters and wives. Spurinna, in order to avoid accusations, decided to disfigure and thus emphasize his virtue.

Another example of an honourary Roman is Gaius Terentius Varro, the Roman consul, who after the tragic defeat at Cannae in 216 BCE he refused to take up the office of dictator offered to him by the senate. Valerius Maximus states that it was due to his honour because he did not think he deserved such a title after he had not thoughtfully pursued a clash with Hannibal.

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