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Departure of Crassus

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Marcus Crassus
Marcus Krassus

In 53 BCE Marcus Crassus – two months before the end of the consulate – left Rome to become governor in Syria. From there, he intended to lead a war expedition to the Parthia. This plan has not received widespread approval in Rome.

Already on Forum Ateius Capito tried to arrest him on charges of trying to start a war, but he was driven away by the people of Crassus. Then he ran towards the gate and put on a fire there. When Crassus passed the gate, Capito began to cast curses on him. This can be seen as an announcement of the fate that met Crassus, his son and their people at Carrhae.

Author: Kacper Walczak
  • Robert Harris, Dyktator
  • Maciej Piegdoń, Krassus. Polityk niespełnionych ambicji

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