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In United States you can find many references to Rome

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United States Supreme Court headquarters. Similarities to the Roman style can be seen with the naked eye.
Seat of the Supreme Court of the United States. You can see the similarities to the Roman style with the naked eye.

For many, the United States is the modern homeland of democracy – many solutions from the US political system have been adopted in European countries. For years, American leaders have been referring to ancient patterns, as evidenced by the names of cities and streets that clearly refer to, among others, the Roman world.

It is worth mentioning here, for example, a city in the US, Cincinnati, which takes its name from Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus, the dictator who saved Rome from the crisis, and then relinquished office to return to farming. In the state of New York, in Seneca, there is the city of Ovid, named after Ovid, Junius, Utica (referring to the provinces of Africa and earlier Carthage) or Seneca Falls. One of the local tourist attractions is Seneca Lake.

In another state, Michigan, we find the city of Romulus. Philadelphia, also known to us, refers to the ancient city of Philadelphia in Cilicia (southern Turkey). Another city – Augusta – the capital of the state of Maine, refers to the first emperor of Rome, and one of the main streets of Chicago is Cicero.

Author: Patrycja Filipowicz (translated from Polish: Jakub Jasiński)
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