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Curiosities of ancient Rome (Other)

The world of ancient Romans abounded in a number of amazing curiosities and information. The source of knowledge about the life of the Romans are mainly works left to us by ancient writers or discoveries. The Romans left behind a lot of strange information and facts that are sometimes hard to believe.

Scenery from movie “Cleopatra”

The film “Cleopatra”, shot in 1963 by Joseph Mankiewicz, is the most profitable film about the Queen of Egypt. The film was shot in practice for three years and the budget was as high as 44 million USD.

Scenery from movie "Cleopatra"

Moralia – collection of Plutarch’s texts

Plutarch of Chaeronea (c. 50 – c. 125 CE) is a Greek historian whose most famous work is the collection of lives of famous figures of the ancient world – the so-called Parallel Lives. His other speeches and contents, collected under the name of Moralia, have also survived to our times.

A Roman mosaic showing food

Amazing exhibition showing Roman legion

An amazing exhibition showing the full Roman legion, made by Mules of Marius. The exhibition was in September 2015 at the Historisches Museum Regensburg (Germany). In total, there were 5400 legionary models on the board, with 300 different poses and 200 different shield designs. The entire project was created for over five years.

Amazing exhibition showing the Roman legion

Marines in Rome?

Warner Bros bought the rights to create the film based on a comment by the user of the service Reddit – James Erwin – about American soldiers transferred to the times of ancient Rome. The film is supposed to tell a fictional story of the United States Expedition Unit, which was somehow transferred to the time of ancient Rome. The exact plot, however, is not known, because Warner Bros reserved production rights and announced the desire to create a film work. For this purpose, the cast is reportedly being completed.

Rome Sweet Rome

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