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Curiosities of ancient Rome (Places)

The world of ancient Romans abounded in a number of amazing curiosities and information. The source of knowledge about the life of the Romans are mainly works left to us by ancient writers or discoveries. The Romans left behind a lot of strange information and facts that are sometimes hard to believe.

Goddess joke – Venus Cloacina

Forum Romanum is a place where every stone tells a story. Today I will tell you about one of the most inconspicuous relics of Roman civilization that can be found in the Forum – the shrine of Venus Cloacina.

Forum Romanum - remains of the shrine of Venus Cloacina

Cannibal fish, works of art and church – changing fate of one place

I don’t know about you, but I’m fascinated by discovering the continuity of the fate of the city and its individual parts. From the perspective of a short human existence, the evolution of urban space – its reconstructions, transformations and changes in functions – seems almost imperceptible. Sometimes it is only when we return to a place after many years that we say “what has changed here!” But when you look at the city from the perspective of hundreds of years, the changes the city is undergoing are much more visible.

Approximate location of the residence of Vedius Pollio in Rome. Google Maps, own selection

Vicus Caprarius

When you walk around Rome, do you wonder what is hidden under your feet? Aren’t you curious how much of the ancient capital of the Empire has been preserved in its medieval Renaissance and Baroque walls?

Vicus Caprarius

Aerial photo showing Roman road in Jordan

An aerial photo showing the Roman road in Jordan – Via Nova Traiana. The road was built during the reign of Emperor Trajan (reigned 98-117 CE) in the province of Arabia Petraea and stretched from the city of Aqaba (present-day Jordan) to Bostra (present-day Syria).

Aerial photo showing Roman road in Jordan

Villa romana de Las Torres

In the south of Spain, in Estepona, there are the remains of a small Roman resort – Villa romana de Las Torres – located on the coast, right next to the Torre Guadalmansa lighthouse, from late medieval times.

Villa romana de Las Torres

Quarters of Roman slaves near Pompeii

In August 2023, near Pompeii, in the villa Civita Giuliana, the remains of a slave quarter were discovered. As it turns out, slaves lived in extremely simple conditions, along with rodents.

Quarters of Roman slaves near Pompeii

Perge – pearl of Roman East

In December 2019, I was in Turkey, where I had the opportunity to visit the ruins of cities from the Roman period. Today I will share with you my impressions from visiting one of them: Perge.


Roman amphitheater in Pompeii

Roman amphitheater in Pompeii was built in 70 BCE and is the oldest object of this type that has survived to our times. Characteristic, externally located stairs led to the upper stands. The amphitheater was originally wooden; later, however, a stone structure was built. The object measures 135 by 104 meters.

Roman amphitheater in Pompeii

Empress Livia’s white hens

Ad Gallinas Albas: Few people know this name today, but two thousand years ago things were different. Known under it was a town nowadays called Prima Porta – near Rome, on Via Flaminia.

Ad Gallinas Albas

Underground of ancient Neapolis

Contemporary Naples is a city where ancient monuments are much more difficult to find than in Rome, but that does not mean that they are not there. After all, it is a city as old as Rome. Founded by Greek colonists, the settlement already had an urban character when Rome was still a small village.

Macellum under Naples

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