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Reconstruction of image of Cleopatra VII

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An attempt to reconstruct the image of Cleopatra VII
An attempt to reconstruct the image of Cleopatra VII

An attempt to reconstruct the image of Cleopatra VII. The queen seduced Julius Caesar himself, and later Mark Antony. For centuries, Cleopatra was considered to be extremely beautiful, as evidenced by historians. However, the researchers decided to conduct their own research. Research on the coin from two thousand years ago showed that the famous Cleopatra, the last queen of Egypt, who seduced Julius Caesar, and after his death Marc Antony, in fact, was ugly. She had a pointed chin, a narrow mouth and a large nose.

However, it is difficult to treat Cleopatra’s appearance as sure. On many coins there are different images of the queen and it is difficult to find a compromise. It should also be remembered that beauty was perceived differently in different periods of history.


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