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Remains of Roman aqueduct in Viminacium

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Remains of the Roman aqueduct in Viminacium
Remains of Roman aqueduct in Viminacium

Remains of a Roman aqueduct that was used to supply water to the ancient city of Viminacium, located near the modern city of Kostolac, in eastern Serbia.

To date, archaeologists have excavated about 1,000 meters of the aqueduct, the total length of which was about 10 kilometres.

The aqueduct was built of stone and waterproof lime mortar. The bottom was made of bricks with stamps of the Roman legions that built it: legio IIII Flavia Felix and legio VII CLaudia Pia Fidelis. In the upper part, the aqueduct was covered with massive floor bricks. Inscriptions with the names of the craftsmen who built the aqueduct were found in several places of the aqueduct.

The aqueduct was created in the first century CE and was destroyed in the first half of the fifth century CE, during the Huns invasion.


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