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Roman helmet of Hagenau type

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Roman helmet of Hagenau type
Roman helmet of Hagenau type

A variation of the Roman helmet Montefortino – Hagenau. The object is made of bronze and dates back to the 1st century CE.

The Hagenau helmet still has the typical shape of a Montefortino, but the neck protection has been significantly expanded, the arch above the eyebrows is reinforced, which allows the helmet to be worn more freely when not on the head. The soldiers additionally protected their cheeks by wearing metal plates attached to them.

The Montefortino helmet was derived from the Celtic style. It was used in the Roman army from III BCE. until the 1st century CE. During this time, there were constant modifications. Initially, Roman helmets of this type were heavily decorated, which was due to the fact that the armaments were provided by the citizens themselves while fighting. Together with Marius’ reforms at the end of the 2nd century BCE the weapons were mass-produced and the helmets’ appearance was standardized. Another type of helmet used by Roman legionaries was galea.

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