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Roman inscription from Trenčín

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Roman inscription from Trencin
Roman inscription from Trenčín

In the vicinity of the castle in Trenčín (Roman camp Laurgaricio) in Slovakia, a preserved inscription was found, which, as it turned out, was carved by Roman legionaries during the Marcomannic Wars (167-180 CE), fought during the reign of Emperor Marcus Aurelius.

Scientists estimated that the inscription could have been made in 179 CE. It says:

Victoriae Augustorum exercitus, qui Laugaricione sedit, mil(ites) l(egiones) II DCCCLV. (Maximi)anus leg(atus leg)ionis II Ad(iutricis) cur(avit) f(aciendum)


To the victory of the emperors and the army of 855 soldiers of the Second Legion that was based at Laugaricio. Made to order of Marcus Valerius Maximianus, a legate of the Second Auxiliary Legion.

For many years, Laugaricio was considered the northernmost, in central Europe, the presence of the Romans. Later, however, an even more to the north Roman fort was discovered in Mušov (Czech Republic) and marching camps in Olomouc and Hulin (Czech Republic).

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