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Roman toiletry bag

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Roman toiletry bag
Roman toiletry bag | Photo: Italymagazine

Roman toiletry bag of patrician. The makeup in ancient Rome mainly included the face and neck and shoulders. These parts of the body were sprinkled with white powder or pearl powder. Just like today, the illuminating and covering powder was supposed to cover discolouration, brighten the skin and give it uniformity.

The eyes dominated the Roman make-up. Kohl, which was soot and ash, was used to emphasize them. It was applied to an ivory, bone or wood stick that was dipped in water.

On the other hand, charred rose petals were used as the eyeshadow. Lips and nails were rarely painted, or at least hard to say. On the other hand, prostitutes looked the most defiant and the most defiant. They used the cheapest and smelly cosmetics. That is why prostitutes tried to camouflage their “smells” with new cosmetics, which reportedly had an extremely shocking effect.

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