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Sex in middle of female cycle?

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Messalina with Britannicus
Messalina with Britannicus

Roman doctors recommended having sex in the middle of a woman’s menstrual cycle, which would guarantee a zero chance of becoming pregnant. As we currently know, this is the most “dangerous period” for such activities.

All sorts of anti-pregnancy creams and lotions have also been used naturally. Hippocrates, on the other hand, was a Greek physician from the 5th-4th centuries BCE. – mentions that a woman who does not want to get pregnant should, after intercourse, jump up several times and squat, touching her heels with her buttocks. This way your sperm won’t pose a threat.

It is worth mentioning that the ancients had a very inappropriate approach to female menstruation. Among other things, Pliny the Elder mentions that a bleeding woman can scare away storms, storms, and lightning. If you pass naked around the field, all the worms will drop from the grain. The “colourful” description of Pliny shows us what kind of misunderstanding women had to live in ancient times and what was biological ignorance.

Menstrual blood, in turn, was considered extremely dangerous and draining the powers of a man. In Africa, i.a. it was used for magical rituals.


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