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Stone monuments of Roman brothers

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Stone monuments of Roman brothers
Stone monuments of Roman brothers

In Cisolino (10 km east of Verona, Italy) there are unique stone monuments commemorating Roman soldiers: Quintus and Lucius Sertorius. The objects were built at the end of the 1st century CE. The artefacts are located in the Museum Lapidario Maffeiano in Verona.

The monument on the left shows the Quintus Sertius Festus, who was a centurion in the Roman legion; evidence of this is the visible rod (virga) in his hand, which he used to punish. Under the Roman image, there is an inscription: Q SERTORIUS / L. F POB FESTUS / CENTUR LEG XI CLAUDIAE PIAE / FIDELIS, that is: “Quintus Sertorious Festus, Lucius’ son, of the tribe Poblilia, centurion of legio XI Claudia Pia Fidelis”.

The monument on the right belongs to Lucius Sertorius Firmus. In his right hand he holds a legionary banner with an eagle (aquila), which proves that he served as a ensign (aqulifer). The inscription at his monument reads: L (ucius) Sertorius L (uci) f (ilius) / Pob (lily) Firmus / signif (er) aquil (ifer) leg (ionis) XI / Claud (iae) Piae Fidelis / missus curat (or) veter (anorum) / leg (ionis) eiusdem / Domitiae L (uci) f (iliae) / Priscae uxori, or “Lucius Sertorius, son of Lucius, of the tribe Poblilia, standard-bearer and aquilifer of legio XI Claudia Pia Fidelis, honorably discharged, curator of the veterans of the same legion, (dedicates this monument) to Domitia Lucius’ daughter and Prisca his wife”.

Behind the gravestones is an altar with another inscription: DIS MANIBUS / L. SERTORIO / L. F. POB / SISENNAE / PATRI / TERENTIAE. L. F / MAXIMAE MATRI, meaning “(the altar was dedicated) to the memory of Lucius Sertorius Sisenna, Lucius’ son, of the tribe Poblilia, father, and of Terentia Maxima, Lucius’ daughter, mother”.

Certainly, the tombstones and the altar were part of the tomb. In the tomb, were buried, the parents: Lucius Sertorius Sisenna and Terentia Maxima and their children: Lucius Sertorius Firmus, Quintus Sertorius Festus, Domitia and wife of Lucius. Since the younger Lucius was named (praenomen) after his father, it can be assumed that he was an older brother.


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