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Temple of Hercules Victor in Rome

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Temple of Hercules the Victor in Rome
Temple of Hercules the Victor in Rome

Temple of Hercules Victor is a Roman temple in the Forum Boarium, close to the Tiber in Rome. Forum Boarium, near the Tiber.

In the past, the object was often mistaken with the Temple of Vesta. Ultimately, thanks to the Napoleonic prefect of Rome, Camille de Tournon, we managed to get to know the actual patron.

The building is completely surrounded by a colonnade (a total of 20 Corinthian columns, each about 11 meters high). The object was created in the late 2nd century BCE on order of L. Mummius Achaicus, who in this way paid homage to the guardian deity for defeating the Achaean Union and the conquest of Corinth. The rotunda is about 15 meters in diameter.

Interestingly, there was a conviction that no flies would fly into the temple, and no dogs would enter – this probably results from the fact that it was a sacred place, and the Forum where the building was located was the place of the cattle market.

In 1132, the temple was turned into a church – known as Santo Stefano alle Carozze. The ancient building was restored in 1996.

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