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Attempts to put together plan of ancient Rome

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Attempts to put together plan of ancient Rome
Attempts to put together plan of ancient Rome | Photo: Sovrintendenza Capitolina ai Beni Culturali

Historians and archaeologists have puzzled over one of the greatest puzzles for hundreds of years – the Forma Urbis Romae. In the last few days have been able to find more pieces of this puzzle.

Form Urbis Romae is a monumental, marble plan of the ancient city of Rome, created during the reign of Emperor Septimius Severus between 203 and 211 CE.

Its original width was 18 meters and the height was 13 meters; was carved on about 150 marble slabs set on the inner wall of the Temple of Peace (Templum Pacis), which today is part of the basilica complex of St. Kosma and Damian.

In the 5th century CE, the map fell into disuse and was shattered into several thousand pieces that were scattered all over Rome. Over the years, scientists have found new parts of the great map in various locations. However, there are still thousands of pieces missing to be able to fully view the set of the Eternal City.

In recent days, the authorities of the museums in the Capitol and the Vatican announced the discovery of a very important section of the map, which will probably help to get to know the topography of the city even better. The discovery was made during construction work on Palazzo Maffei Marescotti. On the map fragments found, you can see the area to the west of Forum Romanum. Recognition of the area was possible due to the fact that the pieces showed the Marcellus Theater and Circus Flaminius – monuments located in the area. Few traces of the Circus are left, which will allow scientists to better understand its structure and function.


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