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Complete genome of Phoenician from 2,500 years ago has been selected

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Complete genome of Phoenician from 2,500 years ago has been selected
Complete genome of Phoenician from 2,500 years ago has been selected | Photo: M.Rais/Creative Commons

Scientists selected the complete mitochondrial genome of a 2500-year-old Phoenician. The study found that the man had European ancestors. This is the first ancient DNA recovered from Phoenician remains.

The DNA belongs to a man named “Ariche”, a young man from Byrsy – a fortified fortress above Carthage’s port. The remains of the Phoenician were discovered in 1994 on the southern slope of the hill when Tunisian fruit farmers fell into an ancient grave.

An analysis of “Ariche’s” body revealed that he died at the age of 19-24. He was sturdy and 1.7 meters tall. The latest research, in turn, has shown that the man had ancestors from Europe – most likely the Iberian Peninsula. This confirms that the Phoenicians were mobile and active in what is now Spain.


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