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“Domina” – new series dedicated to ancient Rome

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A new series “Domina” is being produced, dedicated to the competition for power in ancient Rome, from a women’s perspective. This 10-episode production is created on the initiative of Sky Studios and Fifty Fathoms.

The drama will be devoted to the life of Livia – the first empress of Rome, wife of Octavian August and mother of Tiberius. As reported by the media, recordings are already taking place in Rome. The main character will be played by Kasia Smutniak – a Polish-Italian actress.

According to Filmweb, the cast of “Domina” also included: Liam Cunningham (as Marek Liwiusz Druzus, Livia’s father), Isabella Rossellini (as Balbina, one of Livia’s opponents), Matthew McNulty (as Gaius Julius Caesar Germanicus, later Emperor Caligula), Christine Bottomley (as Scribonia, Octavian’s second wife), Colette Tchantcho (as Antigone), Ben Batt (as Marek Agrypa, trusted Octavian, which was why Livia considered him an enemy), Enzo Cilenti (as Tiberius Claudius Nero, later Emperor Tiberius) and Claire Forlani (as Octavia, daughter of Claudius, later wife of Nero). The main director of the series is Claire McCarthy.

The series will be available in Italy, Great Britain, Ireland, Germany and Spain.

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