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Man was grilling and found Roman treasure

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Man was grilling and found Roman treasure
Man was grilling and found Roman treasure

In 2016, a resident of the city Kuźnica, while grilling, found a treasure – 140 silver coins from two thousand years ago.

The coins found in the Kuźnica commune are denarii from the times of the Roman Empire, most of them are well preserved, with Roman markings on them. The treasure was discovered by accident, part of it was sticking out of the ground. First, the finder handed over the coins to the commune administrator, then the treasure was transferred to the Provincial Conservator of Monuments.

The coins will now be described by an archaeologist, cleaned and then put on display at the Podlasie Museum in Białystok. Such a find may indicate the contact of the local tribes with the Roman Empire or the existence of an old trade route. A resident of the Kuźnica commune can now count on a prize for a valuable treasure.

This is the second such find in the last weeks from north-eastern Poland. A dozen or so days ago, the coins were found in a field near Zalewo in the Iława district in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship. A sensational discovery was made by a forester and one of the Suska Land Lovers Society members.

It is a treasure of 86 Roman denarii, or silver coins minted during the empire. All of them were produced in the capital, i.e. Roman mint. Currently, the coins are being processed, we are preparing the first copies for conservation, so that they look nice on May 14 during the Night of Museums – Łukas Szczepański, an archaeologist from the Museum in Ostróda told our reporter.


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