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Roman amphitheater in Verona will be covered by roof

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Roman amphitheater in Verona will be covered by roof
Roman amphitheater in Verona will be covered by roof | Photo: PRESS OFFICE VERONA COUNCIL

Roman amphitheater in Verona is to receive a giant roof to protect the arena and the building itself. In this way, scientists want to counteract the harmful effects of bad weather.

This information was announced last Tuesday. The project is to be implemented by a construction partnership from Germany. The amphitheater is one of the most famous buildings in the world, mainly due to its well-preserved ruins and the fact that concert performances and operas often take place in the arena. The amphitheater was built in the 1st century CE and even survived a strong earthquake in the 12th century.

When weather conditions do not require it, the large “curtain” will be folded and hidden so that no one will notice any disfiguring additions from the ground level.

Initially, the project aroused considerable controversy, mainly due to concerns about the possible adverse impact on the arena. However, as experts argue, the roof protects it from the most harmful rain, the drops of which cut into the ground and weaken the structure. As evidence, numerous buildings from Pompeii are given, which, under the influence of heavy rainfall, began to deteriorate and collapse.

The project is to amount to approximately EUR 13.5 million and be fully covered by the German partnership Bergermann & Partner and Gerkan Marg & Partners. The initiative won the competition for which 90 proposals were submitted. The project was finally highlighted by the Italian Ministry of Culture, and the roof is expected to be ready in three years.

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