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Roman treasure has been discovered in Costa Brava

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Roman treasure has been discovered in Costa Brava
Roman treasure has been discovered in Costa Brava | Photo: ACN

In 2016, a valuable Roman treasure was found in a ceramic vase in Costa Brava (Spain) – 200 Roman coins.

Coins (denarii) are made of silver and were found in the ancient trading city of Emporiae, up to 2,500 years old, scientists say. This centre was founded around 575 BCE. by the Greek settlers of Phocaea. With the expansion of Rome, the city fell into the hands of the Romans. In the early Middle Ages, Emporiae was abandoned as its coastal location made it a frequent target of attacks.

This place was discovered before 1908. Many finds have been brought to light, but this discovery shows that there are still many underground.

The discovery was made by a group of 30 students who conducted excavations to gain valuable experience. Nobody, however, expected to find such a treasure. Work continued in a house from the 1st century BCE, in a cellar where 24 amphorae had previously been found to store wine. Apart from these objects, in the basement, there were two bracelets and a bronze plate that was used to extract the wine.

A ceramic vase and 200 coins found by students are dated, like the house, to the 1st century BCE. According to historians, the daily legionary’s pay at that time was one denarius. In turn, the then aureus, a gold Roman coin, was equal to 25 silver denarii.

The reason for hiding a vase of coins in the basement is not entirely clear. Young scientists speculate that the coins were lost after the house burned down.

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