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Silver “toilet spoon” from Roman times has been discovered in Wales

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Silver "toilet spoon" from Roman times has been discovered in Wales
Silver "toilet spoon" from Roman times has been discovered in Wales

A silver ‘toilet spoon’ from Roman times has been discovered in Wales. The silver spoon was used to scoop cosmetics and medicines by ancient physicians.

Valentinas Avdejevas made a strange discovery in 2020 while exploring in Wales. The narrow silver spoon (the Roman ligule) contains a shallow, round bowl attached to a thin, curved handle and was used for scooping cosmetics and perfumes from long-necked bottles. Because the vessel was made of silver rather than a cheaper copper alloy, researchers believe it was used to extract tinctures during medical procedures because silver has antimicrobial properties.

Similar toilet spoons have been found worldwide, including an ivory spoon depicting a falcon from ancient Egypt, which offers a glimpse into the daily lives of people in ancient and Roman times.

Because the spoon is over 300 years old and consists of over 10% precious metals, it meets the criteria for treasure under the Treasure Act of 1996. It will now be submitted for valuation to determine its market value by the Treasury Valuation Commission. Local museums will then have the opportunity to purchase the toilet spoon.

Author: Adrian Jesionowski (translated from Polish: Jakub Jasiński)

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