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Treasure hunter, while going to eat a sandwich, accidentally discovered hole with treasure

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Treasure hunter, while going to eat a sandwich, accidentally discovered hole with treasure
Treasure hunter while going to eat a sandwich accidentally discovered hole with treasure

David Blakey, 57, a treasure hunter, made a great discovery in northern England – he discovered a treasure hole. Interestingly, he claims, he made the discovery only when, resigned, he went to his car to eat a bacon sandwich.

A man was combing a field in Wold Newton, England with his metal detector. As it turned out, the discovered hole was filled with Roman coins. As he says, he was really lucky because after a long walk in the field he was tired and decided to go to his van. He believes that if it weren’t for the pain in his ankle and the twisting of the stomach with hunger, he would probably never have gone in a fortunate direction and discovered the treasure. The amateur explorer was said to be out of joy until he danced over the find.

As it turned out, the hole was filled with 1857 Roman coins, dated to 307 CE. You can see Constantius and his son Constantine the Great, who was named Augustus in York. It has been calculated that the entire treasure is worth $ 58,000. The Yorkshire Museum in York has until the end of October to raise funds to buy all the coins and keep them on the museum grounds.

At the time the treasure was buried, the coins were equivalent to the annual legionary’s pay. For such money, a soldier could afford 700 chickens, 2,000 best fish or 11,000 mugs of beer.

According to scientists, it is really a great find. Never before had such a sizeable treasure been discovered in the north of England.

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