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Guest posts (Politics)

Guest’s entries on topics related to the history of ancient Rome and antiquity. If you would also like to share your work with others I encourage you to send a text.

Rome – Eternal City full of secrets

Rome, the capital of the ancient empire, is an extraordinary treasure trove of history, full of fascinating stories and secrets. From its mythological beginnings, through the period of expansion and rule of the empire, to its fall and impact on the present day, Rome continues to inspire and amaze.

The she-wolf nursing twins - Romulus and Remus

Trial of Rabirius Postumus

Gaius Rabirius Postumus was a son of Gaius Rabirius who was defended by Cicero in 63 BCE. He was also one of the Romans who borrowed money to Ptolemy Auletes to help him in restoring his rule over Egypt.

Statue of Cicero in front of the Palazzo di Giustizia in Rome

Act of Rullus

Year 63 BCE is remembered mainly because of the consulate of the Cicero and the Conspiracy of Catiline. However, those were obviously not the only significant events of this year. One of his most interesting episodes was the law concerning the division of land in Rome, proposed by Servilius Rullus.

Roman politician

Commagene – betrayed ally

When gradually in the east of the Hellenistic world, after the fall of the Pergamon Kingdom and the defeat of Mithridates VI Eupator due to Rome, the established order collapsed, on the outskirts of the Roman Empire, the few countries that were boldly navigating between Rome and the Parthian Empire began to function boldly. One of them was the Kingdom of Comagene, which had been developing since the fall of the Seleucids.

Commagene - a betrayed ally

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