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Recent changes on IMPERIUM ROMANUM

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A few words about recent changes on IMPERIUM ROMANUM and social media.

  1. Recently for some time there have been errors in some published posts: photos did not match the content (e.g. on FB). It was caused by the plugin on the page that I removed and replaced with a new one. There should be no problems now. If you see any mistakes, I will be grateful for the information.
  2. English entries have also appeared regularly on the website. This is the new convention of the website, which ceased to be only Polish-language. Entries are regularly translated into English. Their quality, unfortunately, depends on financial resources. Sometimes I am able to commission a professional translation, but for the most part I try to handle my own hands. I apologize in advance if they are unprofessional. This is due to lack of language skills or simply lack of time. Returning to the topic, I would be grateful for the suggestion whether the current publication of entries in 2 language versions does not interfere too much with tracking FB, Twitter or Instagram fanpages. The goal here is to increase the range of the website and expand the knowledge of ancient Rome.

Any errors that have recently appeared on social media (or are still unfortunately present) are due to advanced work on automation. My goal is to spend as little time as possible manually copying content and placing it on social channels. I want to focus on searching and publishing valuable content that will automatically go to the newsletter (every Saturday), OneSignal, Twitter, FB and Instagram. What’s more, I want all collected curiosities to be regularly published and available to everyone. Regular publication will allow many people to learn a lot of fantastic information about the ancient world.

What’s more, I also want to share materials on the website that were published long ago and which are hidden deep on the page. Random publication of curiosities from the site just allows it. Of course, there may be errors, but I count on any help with corrections. For this there is also a quick error reporting option (CTRL + Enter).

Gratias ago,
Jakub Jasiński

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