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The game about the Roman kingdom created out of passion

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The game about the Roman kingdom created out of passion
The game about the Roman kingdom created out of passion

The first gameplay of the game set in the world of ancient Rome, precisely in royal Rome shrouded in mystery, has appeared on the Internet. The game is created by a Polish enthusiast. As the game’s author, Stanisław Juszczyk, informs: “One day, with the help of friends, I founded United Studio 2020, which creates games and programs. Last year, the idea of creating a computer game telling the story of the Roman Kingdom came up. Excited, I decided to get to work immediately. The result of my work is that the game will be released on the 3rd of June this year”.

The plot of the game begins with the legend of Romulus and Remus and is carried on for almost 250 years, until the fall of the kingdom and the establishment of the republic. It concludes with a crowning scene taking place (over 100 years later) in 390 BCE, depicting the cause of the destruction of historical sources about the kingdom’s time – the looting of Rome by the Gauls. The plot is largely based on the texts of Livy. The architecture on the maps will be in the style that is depicted in the art. As the game follows, the maps of the game will include, for example, Circus Maximus, and Pons Sublicius.

Regarding the nature of the game, it is divided into scenes. Always at the beginning, we have a short film in which I present historical facts (in English, they are not very detailed so as not to lose the main message of the plot), and then we move to the games (they are varied; in some we fight, in some, we just walk around Rome), after completing the task we watch the second film. There will be 20 such scenes on the album (divided thematically into 10 applications). In dividing the story into such parts, I was inspired by rock concept albums.

The aim of the developers of the game is to spread the history of the beginnings of Rome.

Link to author’s website

Link to the gameplay

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