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Reviews (Cross-sectional publications)

If you have any reviews or would like to share your impressions about some books, feel free to send me texts to:

Of course, there aren’t any major demands on style and length. It is important that the text is coherent, describes your impressions and presents the evaluation of the publication.

Review: Religions of Rome

Mary Beard, John North, Simon Price

The book "Religions of Rome" by Mary Beard is a real treasury of knowledge about the beliefs of ancient Romans, as well as an attempt to look at Roman religion from a different perspective.

Religions of Rome

Review: Last Days of Pompeii

Edward Bulwer-Lytton

The book "Last Days of Pompeii" by Edward Bulwer-Lytton - an English writer from the 19th century - is certainly an interesting position. The author, who worked as a writer, also dabbled in politics on a daily basis.

Last Days of Pompeii

Review: The World of Late Antiquity

Peter Brown

Mr. Peter Brown once wrote a book "The World of Late Antiquity", in which, despite its small size, he presented the last stage of the long and beautiful ancient era, which stretched from about 200 CE (i.e. the time of the historian Cassius Dio) until the turn of the VIII and 9th century CE (times of the reign of Caliph Rashid Al-Harun of the Abbasid dynasty), which is a bit further than the subtitle of the book suggests.

The World of Late Antiquity

Review: The Darkening Age: The Christian Destruction of the Classical World

Catherine Nixey

The book "The Darkening Age: The Christian Destruction of the Classical World" by Catherine Nixey is a position that attempts to show Christianity in the ancient world in a slightly different and more controversial way. The author boldly presents her view on the role of Christianity in the fall of Rome and ancient culture. The book was published by the Filtry publishing house, which publishes items encouraging social discussion on many controversial topics.

The Darkening Age: The Christian Destruction of the Classical World

Review: A Day in the Life of Ancient Rome

Angela Alberto

The book by Angelo Alberto "A Day in the Life of Ancient Rome" is another interesting proposition for people who would like to get to know the everyday life of ancient Romans in an accessible and interesting way.

Angela Alberto, A Day in the Life of Ancient Rome

Review: A history of Attila and the Huns

Edward Arthur Thompson

The book "A history of Attila and the Huns" by Edward Arthur Thompson was written in 1948 and aimed to bring the history of the Huns closer and tell the relationship between the Roman Empire and this warlike and nomadic people in the years 370-470 CE.

Edward Arthur Thompson, A history of Attila and the Huns

Review: Augustus. Godfather of Europe

Richard Holland

The book "Augustus. Godfather of Europe" by Richard Holland is a position focusing on the figure of the first Roman emperor, his rise to power, reign and attempt to establish a successor.

Richard Holland, Augustus. Godfather of Europe

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