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Reviews (Cross-sectional publications)

If you have any reviews or would like to share your impressions about some books, feel free to send me texts to:

Of course, there aren’t any major demands on style and length. It is important that the text is coherent, describes your impressions and presents the evaluation of the publication.

Review: Fall of the Roman Empire

Edward Gibbon

The book "Fall of the Roman Empire" by Edward Gibbon is certainly an epic work. In Poland, the book is a separate item, and at the same time a continuation of another work by Gibbon "Decline of the Roman Empire". The English author wrote his work as a whole in the 18th century, under the title: "The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire".

Fall of the Roman Empire

Review: The Fall of Carthage: The Punic Wars 265-146BC

Adrian Goldsworthy

The book "The Fall of Carthage. The History of the Punic Wars" by Adrian Goldsworthy is a position telling the history of the struggle of the Roman Republic with Carthage. so-called Punic wars still occupy many historians and enthusiasts, and warfare - especially in the second war - is a base of information for military adepts.

The Fall of Carthage: The Punic Wars 265-146BC

Review: How to Fit All of Ancient Greece in an Elevator

Theodore Papakostas

The book "How to fit all antiquity in one elevator" by Theodore Papakostas is a position presenting ancient history in the form of a dialogue in a closed elevator between an archaeologist and a random person. The publisher of the book is Wydawnictwo HI:STORY.

How to Fit All of Ancient Greece in an Elevator

Review: Pax Romana

Adrian Goldsworthy

The book "Pax Romana" by Adrian Goldsworthy is an attempt at a factual analysis of the so-called "Roman peace" - a period in the history of the Roman Empire from 27 BCE (establishment of the principate) until 235 CE. (death of the last Severus, Alexander).

Adrian Goldsworthy, Pax Romana

Review: SPQR

Mary Beard

The book "SPQR" presents a completely new look at the history of ancient Rome. This position was written by the world-famous classical philologist Mary Beard, who with this position wants to summarize her almost fifty years of "contacts" with the Romans.

Mary Beard, SPQR

Review: Caesar’s Civil War: 49-44 BC

Adrian Goldsworthy

Book "Caesar's Civil War: 49-44 BC" by Adrian Goldsworthy is an English-language item devoted to the civil war that took place in the Roman Republic in the years 49-44 BCE. The book is beautifully published by Osprey Publishing.

Caesar's Civil War

Review: Roman Britain’s Pirate King

Simon Elliot

Book "Roman Britain's Pirate King; Carausius, Constantius Chlorus and the Fourth Roman Invasion of Britain" by Simon Elliott is another book by the famous English historian on the history of ancient Rome. This time we get to know an extremely interesting period in the history of the Roman Empire - the revolt of Carausius from the end of the 3rd century CE. This Roman commander separated Britain and part of northern Gaul from the Roman state and concentrated power in his hands for almost 10 years (286-293 CE), destabilizing the Empire in the north.

Roman Britain's Pirate King

Review: Trajan: Rome’s Last Conqueror

Nicholas Jackson

Book "Trajan: Rome's Last Conqueror" by Nicholas Jackson is, as the title suggests, describing the life and achievements of one of the greatest Roman emperors, during whose reign the Roman Empire achieved the greatest territorial reach in history. The book was published by Greenhill Books.

Trajan Romes Last Conqueror

Review: Conquering Jerusalem

Stephen Dando-Collins

The book "Conquering Jerusalem" by Stephen Dando-Collins is about the Jewish war in the years 66-73 CE. The author decided to focus on the events of one of the greatest revolts that broke out in the Roman Empire.

Conquering Jerusalem

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