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Reviews (Historical novels)

If you have any reviews or would like to share your impressions about some books, feel free to send me texts to: [email protected]

Of course, there aren’t any major demands on style and length. It is important that the text is coherent, describes your impressions and presents the evaluation of the publication.

Review: Wolves of the North. Warrior of Rome

Harry Sidebottom

The book "Wolves of the North" is the fifth part of the historical novel by Harry Sidebottom, published by Rebis Publishing House. The action of the novel takes place in the year 263 CE and is a continuation of the fate of Balista and his family. This time, the romanized barbarian will come into contact with the savage tribes of the north and face a mysterious murderer on his own team.

Wolves of the North. Warrior of Rome

Review: Rebel

Geraint Jones

The book "Rebel" by Geraint Jones is the last volume of the adventures of the Roman soldier Corvus, who this time fights in Dalmatia against the Romans. The book was published by Rebis publishing house.


Review: Memoirs of Hadrian

Marguerite Yourcenar

Great historical figures whose achievements in the field of culture and state-building are undeniable have always fascinated me. One of such characters is undeniably, the third of the Five Good Emperors, or Hadrian, who was a great philhellen.

Memoirs of Hadrian

Review: Vespasian. Fallen Eagle

Robert Fabbri

The fourth volume of the Vespasian historical novel. The hero must find himself during the reign of the new emperor Claudius and find the legion's lost eagle.

Vespasian. Fallen Eagle

Review: Nobody Loves a Centurion

John Maddox Roberts

The book "Nobody Loves a Centurion" by John Robert Maddox describes the adventures of Decius, who ends up under the command of Gaius Julius Caesar himself in Gaul.

Nobody Loves a Centurion

Review: Cicero

Robert Harris

The book "Cicero" by Robert Harris is the first part of the "Roman trilogy" about the life of one of the greatest orators in history and great Roman politicians and lawyers. Thanks to this position, we will move to the 1st century BCE, when the Roman Republic was going through a crisis and signaled its inevitable collapse.

Cicero. Roman trilogy. Volume 1

Review: Conspirata

Robert Harris

The book "Conspirata" by Robert Harris is the second part of the "Roman Trilogy" - a historical novel about the life of Cicero, one of the greatest lawyers and orators in history.

Conspirata. Roman trilogy. Volume 2

Review: Dictator

Robert Harris

The book "Dictator" by Robert Harris is the third part of the "Roman Trilogy" - a historical novel about the life of Cicero - one of the greatest politicians, lawyers and orators in history.

Dictator. Roman trilogy. Volume 3

Review: The Road to Rome

Ben Kane

The book "The Road to Rome" is the third and final volume of the historical novel telling the fate of Romulus, Tarquin and Fabiola. This time the heroes meet in Rome and become entangled in the most important events of Caesar's reign - the Ides of March.

The Road to Rome

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