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Review: Caesar’s Civil War: 49-44 BC

Adrian Goldsworthy

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Caesar's Civil War: 49-44 BC

Book “Caesar’s Civil War: 49-44 BC” by Adrian Goldsworthy is an English-language item devoted to the civil war that took place in the Roman Republic in the years 49-44 BC. The book is beautifully published by Osprey Publishing.

The author of the position is Adrian Goldsworthy, a doctor of history well known to enthusiasts, who focuses his interests and research primarily on the Roman army. His achievements include many books devoted to the history of ancient Rome, which enjoy great interest around the world.

The reviewed book belongs to the series entitled “Essential Histories”, which collects descriptions and analyzes of wars that were of great importance for the fate of the world throughout the history of mankind. The authors in this series try to tell about the events in an extremely accessible and short-lived way. The books in the series, in addition to their substantive value, are distinguished primarily by their beautiful visual setting, which is to delight the Reader.

I must admit that I am extremely charmed by the edition and the quality of the print. The reader gets a book on elegant paper; with beautiful and numerous photos, graphics, and maps that emphasize the quality of the publication. The very content and description of the civil war between Caesar and Pompey, and then the supporters of the optimates, is presented in an interesting way, taking into account the most important events and battles. In the description, the author reached the death of Caesar and then presented further competition for power in Rome, which was finally won by Octavian.

The reader, picking up the book, should not expect the author’s in-depth analysis and extremely detailed descriptions of the clashes. There are also no footnotes or ancient sources that could improve the merits of the publication. The fact is, however, that the author has sufficient competence and reputation to present the history of Rome; what’s more, at the end of the book he leaves us a bibliography that we can use for further exploration of the subject.

Certainly, with a clear conscience, I can recommend this very interesting book. Familiarizing yourself with the events of the middle of the 1st century BCE is even more pleasant when a beautifully printed figure of Caesar or Pompey looks at us. Maps make it easier to track events, and a neat description only gives you what is most important. I highly recommend it!

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