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Review: Hunting the Eagles

Ben Kane

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Review: Hunting the Eagles

The book “Hunting the Eagles” is the second part of Ben Kane’s new trilogy, entitled “Eagles of Rome”, in which the author takes us to 14 CE, five years after the tragic defeat of Varus’ legions in the Teutoburg Forest. This time we will take part in the preparations for the Germanicus offensive and direct clashes across the Rhine.

In the previous volume, we accompanied the soldiers of the centuria, under the command of Tullus, in a bloody and hard fight for life. Tullus, together with his people (including Piso, Vitellius) and the whole three legions, fell into an ambush prepared by warriors of allied Germanic tribes, under the command of Cherusci – Arminius. Fatal weather conditions, surprise, and bad command led to the catastrophe and slaughter of Varus’ legionnaires. Tullus was one of the few officers who managed to lead the soldiers out of the trap.

In this part, Tullus will have to suppress the rebellion of the legions on the Rhine, accompany Germanicus on an expedition across the Rhine, and once again fight for survival in another ambush by Arminius. Of course, there will be daring operations, stealth, and tense events. The clashes are filled with realism, blood, and effort. There is also no shortage of brotherhood, interesting dialogues between soldiers, or examples of how a good commander can gain the trust of his “boys”.

Ben Kane has already established itself in the historical novel market. His achievements include numerous items regarding the history of ancient Rome, and what is more, he is passionate about the Roman military and participates in historical reconstructions. He draws his knowledge not only from source materials and scientific books but above all from observations and discussions on the use of ancient weapons and combat tactics.

Picking up the next part of Ben Kane’s novel, I had no doubt that once again I would feel like a direct participant in the events and move to the beginning of the 1st century CE, to the dense and wild forests of Germania. Incredible atmosphere, tension, and desire for revenge on both sides create the plot. In addition, the author neatly adds funny moments that diversify the action. I highly recommend it to everyone!

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