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Review: Rebel

Geraint Jones

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The book “Rebel” by Geraint Jones is the last volume of the adventures of the Roman soldier Corvus, who this time fights in Dalmatia against the Romans. The book was published by Wydawnictwo Rebis.

Geraint Jones is the author of a series of books dedicated to Corvus, a tragic hero who takes part in important events of the Roman Empire at the beginning of a new era. In his historical novel, the author first focuses on telling from the perspective of a former soldier the realities of war that could have taken place in the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest and then focuses on the famous uprising in Pannonia and Dalmatia, which in the years 6-9 CE. the Roman state was heavily involved militarily and financially.

The author has proven through previous publications that he can present the world of war in a neat way and draw the mental dilemmas of the characters who are put in a tragic and hopeless situations. Surrounded by an aura of mystery and a shameful past, Corvus fights in the legions, avoids death in the trap of the Germans, and then defends himself in the last Roman stronghold in Germania. The next parts of the series focus on presenting the earlier fate of Corvus, who takes part in the fights in Pannonia and over time joins the rebels, becoming a rebel.

In my opinion, the book maintains the level of the previous parts and elegantly binds the whole plot together. In my opinion, for the beginning of a writing career, Geraint Jones can be really proud. On the downside, there are no specific historical sources on which the writer relied and to which the reader could refer.

As for the release – as always, Rebis focused on quality. We get a nicely published book, with an elegant binding and cover. On the downside, the lack of an overview map of the place of action, which would better illustrate the events.

Overall, the book is absolutely recommendable. The author skilfully presented the war climate of the ancient world, as always trying to outline the tragedy of war in a credible way.

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