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Review: Traitor

Geraint Jones

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The book “Traitor” by Geraint Jones is a continuation of the plot from the “Legion” part, in which we are again transferred to Pannonia and the main character Corvus takes part in the fights to suppress the rebellion of local tribes. The book was published by the REBIS publishing house.

This time, the main character Corvus becomes a legionnaire ensign in the 8th legion, which has been greatly thinned out during the war. Corvus had lost many friends during the fighting; some, like his close friend Mark, betrayed him. Corvus, seeing the meaning of the rebellious tribes’ struggle, deserts and joins them. There he meets the militant Bato or the determined and ambitious ruler Pinnes, who headed a confederation of Dalmatian and Pannonian tribes. In his decisions, Corvus is guided primarily by the good of his loved ones, for whom he is able to do anything.

The author of the book is Geraint Jones, who as a war veteran took part in three wars. In his books, the writer tries to present the emotions of the characters and the tragedy of wars at all costs. A huge number of tragic events affect the psyche of the protagonist, who is forced to make many difficult decisions.

One should appreciate the workshop and substantive preparation of the author, who once again relies on source texts to describe the events. What’s more, based on historical facts and knowing the characters from ancient messages, he created an extremely exciting plot, where we are given the opportunity to observe the main character in the fight against the Roman army. Certainly, stock volatility is a huge advantage of Geraint Jones’s position.

To sum up, the book, like the author’s previous items, is a great proposition for anyone who would like to feel the realities of war in ancient times. In the afterword, the author explains himself from the directness of the language, but as he points out, he wanted readers to better understand the emotions that prevail in the harsh conditions of war. It seems to me a good idea, especially since it was easier for the author to convey his thoughts at that time. I recommend.

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