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Quotes of Juvenal

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Juvenal (Decimus Iunius Iuvenalis), who lived in the years 60-127 CE. Roman satirical poet.

  • “The censor forgives the crows and harasses the doves”
    • latin: [Dat veniam corvis, vexat censura columbas]
    • source: Juvenal, Satires, II, 63
  • “Bread and circuses”
    • latin: [Panem et circenses]
    • source: Juvenal, Satires, 10.77–81
  • “There’s no hope of harmony if your mother-in-law is alive”
    • latin: [Desperanda tibi salva Concordia socru]
    • source: Juvenal, Satires, VI, 232
  • “The love of money increases as wealth itself increases”
    • latin: [Crescit amor nummi, quantum ipsa pecunia crescit]
    • source: Juvenal, Satires, 14.139
  • “I will have this done, so I order it done; let my will replace reasoned judgement”
    • latin: [Hoc volo, sic iubeo; sit pro ratione voluntas]
    • description: mocking words spoken by a wife to a husband who refuses to crucify an innocent slave.
    • source: Juvenal, Satires, 6, l. 223
  • “They pretend to be virtuous and live in the festival of Bacchus”
    • latin: [Curias simulant, Bacchanalia vivunt]
    • source: Juvenal, Satires, 2, 1-35, 149-170
  • “A healthy mind in a healthy body”
    • latin: [Mens sana in corpore sano]
    • source: Juvenal, Satires, 10.356

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