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Quotes of Quintilian

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Quintilian (Marcus Fabius Quintilianus) lived in the years 35-95 CE. Roman rhetorician and educator in pronunciation theory. First publicly paid rhetoric teacher.

  • “Things which are now old, were once new”
    • latin: [Quae vetera nunc sunt, fuerunt olim nova]
    • source: Quintilian, Institutio Oratoria, VIII, 3, 34
  • “Where your friends are, there is your treasure”
    • latin: [Ubi amici, ibi opes]
    • source: Quintilian, Institutio Oratoria, V, 40
  • “A liar should have a good memory”
    • latin: [Mendacem oportet esse memorem]
    • source: Quintilian, Institutio Oratoria, IV.2.91
  • “To teach, to delight, to move”
    • latin: [Docere, delectare, movere]
    • source: Quintilian, Institutio Oratoria 10, 59
  • “Memory has been called the treasure-house of eloquence”
    • latin: [(Memoria) neque inmerito thesaurus hic eloquentiae dicitur]
    • source: Quintilian, Institutio Oratoria XI.2.2
  • “They condemn what they do not understand”
    • latin: [Damnant quod non intellegunt]
    • source: Quintilian, Institutio Oratoria X, 1, 26
  • “Your conscience is a thousand witnesses”
    • latin: [Conscientia mille testes]
    • source: Quintilian, Institutio Oratoria V.11.41

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