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Quotes of Sallust

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Sallust (Gaius Sallustius Crispus) lived in 86-35 BCE. Roman historian and writer.

  • “Small communities grow great through harmony, great ones fall to pieces through discord”
  • “Necessity makes even the timid brave”
    • latin: [Necessitas etiam timidos fortes facit]
    • source: Sallust, Bellum Catilinae, 52
  • “[People] hold one thing hidden in the heart, and the opposite thing at the tip of one’s tongue”
    • latin: [Aliud clausum in pectore, aliud in lingua promptum habent]
    • source: Sallust, Bellum Catilinae, 10
  • “Such proceedings [Citizens’ disagreement] have often ruined powerful states”
    • latin: [Discordia civium plerumque magnas civitates pessumdedit]
    • source: Sallust, Bellum Jugurthinum, 42
  • “To like and dislike the same things, this is what makes a solid friendship”
    • latin: [Nam idem velle atque idem nolle, ea demum firma amicitia est]
    • source: Sallust, Bellum Catilinae, 20
  • “Covetous of the property of others and prodigal of his own”
    • latin: [Alieni appetens, sui profusus]
    • source: Sallust, Bellum Catilinae, 5
  • “Plenty of eloquence, not enough wisdom”
    • latin: [Satis eloquentiae, sapientiae parum]
    • description: about Catiline
    • source: Sallust, Bellum Catilinae, 5
  • “For the fame of riches and beauty is fickle and frail, while virtue is eternally excellent”
    • latin: [Nam divitiarum et formae gloria fluxa atque fragilis est, virtus clara aeternaque habetur]
    • source: Sallust, Bellum Catilinae, 1
  • “All our power lies in both mind and body; we employ the mind to rule, the body rather to serve; the one we have in common with the Gods, the other with the brutes”
    • latin: [Sed nostra omnis vis in animo et corpore sita est; animi imperio, corporis servitio magis utimur; alterum nobis cum dis, alterum cum beluis commune est]
    • source: Sallust, Bellum Catilinae, 1
  • “But when sloth has introduced itself in the place of industry, and covetousness and pride in that of moderation and equity, the condition of a state is altered together with its morals; and thus authority is always transferred from the less to the more deserving”
    • latin: [Verum ubi pro labore desidia, pro continentia et aequitate libido atque superbia invasere, fortuna simul cum moribus immutatur. Ita imperium semper ad optimum quemque a minus bono transfertur]
    • source: Sallust, Bellum Catilinae, 2

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