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Quotes of Virgil

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Virgil (Publius Vergilius Maro) lived from 70-19 BCE. Great Roman poet.

  • “Woman is ever a fickle and changeable thing”
    • latin: [Varium et mutabile semper femina]
    • source: Virgil, Aeneid, IV, 569-570
  • “Time flies”
    • latin: [Tempus fugit]
    • source: Virgil, Georgics, III, 284
  • “The one safety for the vanquished is to abandon hope of safety”
    • latin: [Una salus victis, nullam sperare salutem]
    • source: Virgil, Aeneid, II 354
  • “Everyone is dragged on by their favorite pleasure”
    • latin: [Trahit sua quemque voluptas]
    • source: Virgil, Eclogue II 65
  • “Love is the same in all”
    • latin: [Amor omnibus idem]
    • source: Virgil, Georgics, III
  • “Love conquers all things”
    • latin: [Amor vincit omnia]
    • source: Virgil, Eclogue, X
  • “May you arise (as) an avenger from our bones!”
    • latin: [Exoriare aliquis nostris ex ossibus ultor]
    • source: Virgil, Aeneid, IV, 625
  • “Spare the vanquished and subdue the proud”
    • latin: [Parcere subiectis et debellare superbos]
    • source: Virgil, Aeneid, VI, 847-853
  • “Rumor grows as it goes (Virgil)”
    • latin: [Fama crescit eundo]
    • source: Virgil, Aeneid, IV, 175
  • “Work conquers all”
    • latin: [Labor omnia vincit]
    • source: Virgil, Georgics, I, 145-146
  • “Fortunate is he, who is able to know the causes of things”
    • latin: [Felix, qui potuit rerum cognoscere causas]
    • source: Virgil, Georgics, II, 5.490
  • “You, O Roman, govern the nations with your power- remember this! These will be your arts – to impose the ways of peace, To show mercy to the conquered and to subdue the proud”
    • latin: [Tu regere imperio populos, Romane, memento; hae tibi erunt artes; pacisque imponere morem, parcere subiectis, et debellare superbos]
    • source: Virgil, Aeneid, 851–853
  • “Trust in one experienced”
    • latin: [Experto credite]
    • source: Virgil, Aeneid, XI.283

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