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Valentinian dynasty

(364 - 392 CE)

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The Roman dynasty consisted of four emperors, ruling the Western Empire from 364 to 392 CE and the Eastern Empire from 364 to 378 CE Its founder was Valentinian I.

Emperor Valentinian I reigned in the years 364 – 375 CE as Flavius ​​Valentinianus. He was born in 321 CE. at Cibale in Pannonia. He became the Roman emperor on February 26, 364 CE.
Jovian’s successor. He ruled the western and eastern parts of the empire and handed over the rule in the eastern part to his brother – Valens. After a few years, he appointed Gratian as co-emperor. He was killed by the negotiators of the barbarian tribes in 375 CE.

Western Emperors:

  • Valentinian I – ruled from 364 to 375 CE
  • sons: Gratian (375 – 383 CE) and Valentinian II (375 – 392 CE)

Eastern Emperors:

  • Valens (364 – 378 CE) – brother of Valentinian I
  • Theodosius I (378 – 392 CE) – husband of Valentinian I’s daughter

The dynasty was linked to the Theodosian dynasty through the marriage of Theodosius I the Great, ruler of the East, and the daughter of Valentinian I. Their marriage gave birth to Elia Galla Placidia, whose son Valentinian III became Emperor of the East (reigned in the years 425 – 455 CE) and reigned as the last member of both families. His descendants were part of nobilitas in Constantinople until the 6th century CE.

Previous Dynasty
Constantine dynasty

Next Dynasty:
Theodosian dynasty

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