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Roman wars

First Macedonian War

(215-206 BCE)

The first clash between the ancient Romans and the Macedonians, led by King Philip V. The war resulted from the Macedonians' support for Hannibal's policy.

Greek type phalanx

Rome’s wars with Mithridates VI

(89 - 63 BCE)

Rivalry between King Pontus Mithridates VI and Rome in the 1st century BCE it resulted from Pontus' desire to create a regional power and supersede Roman influence.

Mithridates VI Eupator

Marcomannic wars

(167-180 CE)

The Marcomannic wars were fights between the Roman Empire and the Germanic tribes in the Middle Danube limes zone in the years 167-180 CE.

Marcus Aurelius

Roman-Parthian War for Armenia

(58–63 CE)

In 58 CE there was a rivalry between the Romans and the Parthians for influence in Armenia. As a result, the Roman-Parthian war broke out (58-63 CE).

A map from around 50 CE showing Armenia, the eastern part of the Roman Empire and the pre-war Parthia

Uprising of Boudicca

(60-61 CE)

The uprising of Boudicca (60-61 CE) was the greatest British uprising against Roman domination. Boudika brought about an agreement between the British tribes of the south and west of England and led the uprising.

Queen Boudicca, John Opie

Caesar’s Campaign in Hispania Further

(62-61 BCE)

Julius Caesar went down in history as the conqueror of Gaul and the creator of a new system, which found followers in various epochs. Little known to the general public are his military activities at the earlier stages of his career, i.e. during his tenure as pro-prime minister in Spain, where the future winner of the Gauls for the first time commanded a larger group of troops.

Julius Caesar

Military campaigns of Germanicus against Germans

(13-16 CE)

After the Varus' defeat, the superstitious Romans did not rebuild the lost legions, nor did they use any more of their numbering. However, they never gave up their retaliation for the defeat inflicted on them by the Germans. Germanicus was to take the revenge on the Germans.

Battle of the Angryvarian Embankment

Roman-Parthian wars

(1st BCE - 2nd century CE)

The conflicts between Rome and the Parthians began in 53 BCE when Roman legions, led by Commander Marcus Crassus, entered Mesopotamia.

Marcus Licinius Crassus

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