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Curiosities of ancient Rome (Artifact)

The world of ancient Romans abounded in a number of amazing curiosities and information. The source of knowledge about the life of the Romans are mainly works left to us by ancient writers or discoveries. The Romans left behind a lot of strange information and facts that are sometimes hard to believe.

Wonderful mosaic from Roman villa in Spain

In one of the rooms of a luxurious Roman villa in Noheda (central Spain) a beautiful composition was found showing mythological scenes from Greek and Roman culture. The mosaic is really impressive as it has over 230 m2.

A wonderful mosaic from a Roman villa in Spain

Ancient sculpture of a boxer

The sculpture of the boxer is one of the two found during the construction of the Quirinal Theater in Rome. Both were buried very carefully, perhaps in order to hide them from looters. The original location of where the boxer statue stood also remains a mystery. Perhaps it decorated the baths of Constantine, several hundred meters away, of which, unfortunately, there is no trace of it today.

Ancient sculpture of a boxer

Mosaic “Four Seasons”

The “Four Seasons” mosaic was discovered in a triclinium domus found in Ravenna during an excavation in 1993. It shows the personifications of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter and a figure playing the flute.

The Four Seasons Mosaic

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