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Curiosities of ancient Rome (Monuments)

The world of ancient Romans abounded in a number of amazing curiosities and information. The source of knowledge about the life of the Romans are mainly works left to us by ancient writers or discoveries. The Romans left behind a lot of strange information and facts that are sometimes hard to believe.

Renovated temple dedicated to Mithra

The restored temple of Mithra can be visited in the Aquincum Archaeological Park in the Óbuda district of Budapest since 2018. The renovated building has been reopened on the day of Summer solstice and the author had an opportunity to be the first visitor there.

Porta Principalis Dextra in Eboracum

Roman gate porta Principalis Dextra in Eboracum (present York, England), located to the right of the headquarters (praetorium). In Roman times, there was a Roman camp in the present-day area of ​​the city. Nowadays there is also a pub called “Lamb and lion inn”.

Roman bridge in Alcántara

Roman bridge at Alcántara in Spain is an example of the engineering genius of the Romans. The construction was built on the Tagus in 104-106 CE. The construction of the bridge was dedicated Emperor Trajan by the local community.

Temple of Romulus in Rome

Temple of Romulus in Rome, dedicated to the son of Maxentius in 309 CE. Originally, this small round temple was a place of worship for Jupiter Stator. The building is well-preserved due to the fact that it was used in later times as a vestibule for the Church of Saints Cosmas and Damian.

Ancient theater in Syracuse

Ancient theater in Syracuse, Sicily. The theater was built on the slope of Temenita Hill. The object measures 138.6 m in diameter and is one of the largest of its kind in the world.

House of Aufidia Valentilla

In February 2020, it is a great pleasure to enter one of the closed facilities that are not open to tourists on a daily basis. What are we talking about? About the domus belonging to a certain Aufidia Valentilla.

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