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The Roman state existed in practice for XIII centuries, being the power which was impacting the history. Therefore, I decided that I would tell the history of ancient Rome in the articles below, which will not necessarily cover only the Eternal City.

I encourage you to send articles and point out any corrections or inaccuracies.

Dice in ancient Roman world

Games that use a variety of small items, such as astragals or cubes were very popular among the ancient Romans, which is confirmed to some extent by archaeological finds. As it turns out, the dice is uneven – Roman game equipment took various, sometimes even surprising forms, not always similar to those we know today.

Purity of Roman blood

In the world of ancient Romans, we can meet the concept of “blood stigma” or its contamination. The de facto love morality of those times was based on it. It was also important when getting married. No one would marry with a “contaminated” person.

HBO series: “Romulus” – review and analysis from perspective of ancient sources

Recently, on the HBO GO platform, you can watch the latest Italian production – the historical series “Romulus”, which takes the viewer to the middle of the 8th century BCE and tells the story of the creation of the most powerful city of antiquity – Rome. I do not hide that the first announcements and information about the title from Sky Italia did not convince me too much. How do I finally receive the series, consisting of 10 episodes? How does the plot relate to the accounts of ancient writers?

“Barbarians” – what is true and what is fiction?

Recently, the latest production of Netflix on the subject of ancient Rome appeared – “Barbarians”, which certainly encouraged many to watch, and me personally to buy access to the Netflix platform. Was it worth it and is the plot consistent with the historical truth? What will we find in the six episodes of the series?


At the far west, near islands (where, according to Homer, live personifications of dreams), close to gates, which follow to Underground, was supposed to live mythical folk – Cimmeroi (Homer, Odyssey, book XI,  lines 14-19). We do not know habits of the tribe nor other information about their lives, because they are only mentioned as “the folk of land, where rays of sunshine does not come”.

World according to ancients

In ancient times, the inhabitants of a given country (city) considered their land to be the centre of the world, having the form of a flat disk. Moreover, according to them, the ends of the world were inhabited by mysterious beings and barbarians who were a threat to the civilized world.

Holidays and tourism in ancient Rome

Ancient Romans, just like us, practised recreation every spring and summer. The richest started peregrinatio in spring, that is trips to their homes outside the city. Cicero e.g. he had six villas where he could go to relax, if he had time, felt like it or felt tired of the big city living in Rome.

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