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Of course, there aren’t any major demands on style and length. It is important that the text is coherent, describes your impressions and presents the evaluation of the publication.

Review: “Lion”

Conn Iggulden

The book "The Lion" by Conn Iggulden is a historical novel from the new "Golden Age" series, the action of which takes place in ancient Greece in the 5th century BCE. and depicts the turbulent times of competition between Greek cities and the approaching Persian threat. The book was published by REBIS publishing house.


Review: The Red Serpent

Robert Low

The book "The Red Serpent" by Robert Lee is the second part of the historical novel "The Brotherhood of The Sands", in which the main characters Drust and Kag, gladiators, this time go to the Euphrates, where they again have a mission to complete and will have to fight for their lives. The book was published by REBIS publishing house.

The Red Serpent

Review: Myths, Monsters and Mayhem in Ancient Greece

James Davies

The book "Myths, Monsters and Mayhem in Ancient Greece" by James Davies is a story about Greek myths, in the form of a comic book, which is dedicated primarily to the younger audience. Vivid colors and beautiful illustrations encourage you to familiarize yourself with the position. The publisher of the publication is the Kropka publishing house.

Myths, Monsters and Mayhem in Ancient Greece

Review: Survival

Andrea Frediani

The Italian writer and historian, Mr. Andrea Frediani, wrote a historical novel called "Survival". This is a work dealing with the events that followed the assassination of the Divine Julius Caesar, during the next seventeen months from this event.


Review: Ancient Rome: Infographics

Nicolas Guillerat, John Scheid, Milan Melocco

The book "Ancient Rome. Infographics" is a novelty on the Polish publishing market, which is to tell the history of ancient Rome in an unusual way - based on data visualization - infographics. The authors of the book's content are John Scheid and Milan Melocco, and Nicolas Guillerat is responsible for the graphic design.

Ancient Rome: Infographics

Review: The Reach of Rome. A Journey Through the Lands of the Ancient Empire

Alberto Angela

The book "The Reach of Rome. A Journey Through the Lands of the Ancient Empire" in the footsteps of one coin” by Alberto Angel is another position by the author, with the help of which he tries to fascinate readers with the world of ancient Romans. This time the author decided to take us - as the title suggests - on a journey through the Roman Empire.

The Reach of Rome. A Journey Through the Lands of the Ancient Empire

Review: The Ancient Greeks

Moses I. Finley

A good introduction to the world of the ancient Greeks with some shortcomings. The book entitled "The Ancient Greeks" by Mr. Moses I. Finley (1912 - 1986) is the type of very informative introduction to the subject that rarely appears.

The Ancient Greeks

Review: Vespasian. Rome’s Sacred Flame

Robert Fabbri

The book "Vespasian. Rome's Sacred Flame" by Robert Fabbri is the eighth part of the historical novel telling the story of Vespasian, the first emperor of the Flavian dynasty. This time the main character becomes a governor in Africa and is sent on a dangerous mission to bring enslaved Roman citizens from the exotic country of the Garamantes.

Vespasian. Rome's Sacred Flame

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