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Review: Roman Britain’s Pirate King

Simon Elliot

Book "Roman Britain's Pirate King; Carausius, Constantius Chlorus and the Fourth Roman Invasion of Britain" by Simon Elliott is another book by the famous English historian on the history of ancient Rome. This time we get to know an extremely interesting period in the history of the Roman Empire - the revolt of Carausius from the end of the 3rd century CE. This Roman commander separated Britain and part of northern Gaul from the Roman state and concentrated power in his hands for almost 10 years (286-293 CE), destabilizing the Empire in the north.

Roman Britain's Pirate King

Review: Caracalla in Egypt (A.D. 215-216)

Adam Łukaszewicz

Book "Caracalla in Egypt (A.D. 215-216)" by professor Adam Łukaszewicz is written in English and focuses on the events of 215-216 CE, when the reigning Emperor Caracalla went on a journey to the eastern territories of the Roman Empire. During his stay in Alexandria, according to the records of ancient writers, the city's inhabitants were to be murdered, at his order.

Caracalla in Egypt (A.D. 215 216)

Review: Trajan: Rome’s Last Conqueror

Nicholas Jackson

Book "Trajan: Rome's Last Conqueror" by Nicholas Jackson is, as the title suggests, describing the life and achievements of one of the greatest Roman emperors, during whose reign the Roman Empire achieved the greatest territorial reach in history. The book was published by Greenhill Books.

Trajan Romes Last Conqueror

Review: Conquering Jerusalem

Stephen Dando-Collins

The book "Conquering Jerusalem" by Stephen Dando-Collins is about the Jewish war in the years 66-73 CE. The author decided to focus on the events of one of the greatest revolts that broke out in the Roman Empire.

Conquering Jerusalem

Review: Constantine at the Bridge

Stephen Dando-Collins

The book "Constantine at the Bridge" by Stephen Dando-Collins tells the story of Constantine I, the man who reunited the Roman Empire in the hands of one man after almost thirty years of separation of powers. What's more, most people attribute to him that he contributed to the growth of the importance of Christianity in the Roman state.

Constantine at the Bridge

Review: Edge of Empire. Rome’s Frontier on the Lower Rhine

Jona Lendering and Arjen Bosman

The book "Edge of Empire. Rome's Frontier on the Lower Rhine" by Jon Lendering and Arjen Bosman is an impressive work that focuses on the Roman era covering today's north-eastern France, Belgium and the Netherlands. In the Roman Empire, these areas were the provinces of Gallia Belgica and Germania Inferior.

Edge of Empire. Rome's Frontier on the Lower Rhine

Review: Julius Caesar: Rome’s Greatest Warlord

Simon Elliott

"Julius Caesar: Rome's Greatest Warlord" by Simon Elliott is a book, as the title suggests, about the life and achievements of Julius Caesar, a great figure in the history of the ancient world, and above all an outstanding leader and politician.

Julius Caesar Rome's Greatest Warlord

Review: Roman Legionaries: Soldiers of Empire

Simon Elliott

The book "Roman Legionaries: Soldiers of Empire" by Simon Elliott is a book about one of the most effective military units in the world - the Roman legions. Simon Elliott is a historian and archaeologist passionate about the history of Britain during Roman times, Roman military and navy (especially Classis Britannica). The book was published by Casemate Publishers.

Roman Legionaries. Soldiers of Empire

Review: Caesar’s Greatest Victory: The Battle of Alesia, Gaul 52 BC

John Sadler, Rosie Serdiville

The book "Caesar's Greatest Victory: The Battle of Alesia, Gaul 52 BC" by John Sadler and Rosie Serdiville tells the story of one of Julius Caesar's most amazing victories, who, despite being outnumbered by the Gauls, was able to stand up to and defeat the enemy at Alesia. The book was published by Casemate Publishers.

Caesar's Greatest Victory The Battle of Alesia, Gaul 52 BC

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